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"French gourmet cuisine is a passion and philosophy. France has elevated its cuisine from the level of necessary eating to a high art - one of those called Art de Vivre. If the heart of this phenomenon, without any doubt, is located in France, then it has spread around the world through its messengers - chefs, and thanks to those who love their craftsmanship. It was precisely by the laws of this ‘alchemy’ that the restaurant La Colline was born. This basic idea and the memorable meeting of two people laid the foundation for everything. How can you place a bet on part of your life, relying on intuition? By believing in your idea - this faith can move mountains.
La Colline is a perfect continuation of this Art of Living, this philosophy of Living Beautifully.
As a true French, Provencal restaurant, La Colline is quiet and peaceful, located away from the big city, and it’s waiting for you… I’m waiting for you, because there is no culinary art without gourmands; there is no Art of Living without epicureans."

Jerome Coustillas